My Cancer Fab

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

So back in October I went to see my family Doctor and showed him how my right breast wasn't looking good. As I had an inverted nipple. So he sent me for a mammogram. And as you ladies know how painful those things are. I wasn't looking forward to it but I wanted to know what was happening to my breast. Mammogram day came, I was scared, nervous and curious at the same time and I just wanted to get it over and done with. I was called in and did the painful mammogram and then had to wait till the technologist came back to tell me that the pics were good and I could go home. Well she came in all right but to tell me I had to get rushed for an ultrasound. So by this time my mind was racing and thinking the worst. I was I preparing my mind and body for what was coming. I knew by then that it could be cancer. All I could think of was my beautiful kids. I'm in the room for an ultrasound now and it was taking a long time and all I could see on the screen was this black blob. By now that confirmed to me that I was right. The technician told me to wait there and she was going to get a Doctor to talk to me. I said no problem. I said to myself I have to be strong for myself and my kids. No matter what the Doctor was going to tell me. He came in sat on a stool and told me he wasn't a hundred per cent sure but it was cancer. He sat there for a few seconds looking at me as if I was going to cry or crumble. I didn't. At least not at that time. So he booked me for a biopsy. That one I have to say was more painful than the mammogram. Biopsy was done. And on December 11th, 2019 I was diagnosed with stage 3C breast cancer. Not something I ever wanted to hear as we don't have cancer in my family. But now I had to deal with this horrible and scary disease. As soon as I got home I called my sister at work and told her the horrifying news in tears. It was then that all of it hit me for real. My sister left work to be with me. I'm so blessed to have a sister like her. Christmas was coming and I had to be strong and make the best of it. I told my older kids about it. They were devastated. I didn't tell my youngest just yet. She was the more sensitive one. January 2020 comes around. My chemo journey was starting. My sister promised she would be there every step of the way, including driving me for every chemo and other appointments at the Cross Cancer. I don't have any close family here. She's the only one I got besides my kids. Chemo is no fun at all. My first 2 days after chemo would be spending them in bed with pain. By the time I felt better it was time for another treatment. Then losing my long hair was devastating for me. To see handfuls of hair coming out of my head. So I decided to cut it short and eventually shave my head clean. Wigs were kind of fun. You got to see what looked good on you for when you do have hair. I was suppose to have 6 treatments then surgery and radiation after. So back in April everything got moved sooner because of the Covid-19. So I only had 5 treatments, my surgery was done April 29th 2020. They removed my right breast. It was difficult to see myself without a piece of my body that god give me. But the kind of person that I am I had to make the best of it with what I had. I couldn't dwell on it. I had to be stronger than ever. Mentally and physically. We all know how hard that can be. So today I'm waiting to be called for 16 treatments of radiation. And hopefully reconstructive surgery in 6 months. Here's some pics of my journey. Hope it won't offend anyone. I'll keep you all posted on what's next.

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