Update On My Life

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Hi everyone! It's been a very long time since I posted on here. Update about myself. As some of you know that I was diagnosed with stage 3C breast cancer last year. Did chemo from January till beginning of April. The end of April just a day before my birthday I had surgery. Six weeks after surgery I had 16 straight days of radiation. Which left me pretty burnt. In August I wrote and published my very first book and became a best selling Author. I'm also writing my second book called "Self Love", stay tuned. Last month I did a 5K walk with my beautiful sister by my side and other cancer survivors in the Canadian Cancer Society CIBC Run for the Cure. Today I thank God that I'm Cancer Free and alive. Thankful for my life, my family and great friends. It's been a life changing year for me and many others out there. My heart goes out to those that lost their Job and those that lost their Business because of Covid. Let's support each other in these troubled times. God Bless.

Also I've been having a lot of people asking me to put the link to my Book on here so here it is.

"How To Find And Keep The Man Of Your Dreams"

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