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Updated: Dec 28, 2020

So a bit about me and my life in short detail. I was born in Portugal, my dad moved my sister my mom and I to Canada in the 70's so I've been in Canada a very long time. Got married and divorced in that time. I have 3 beautiful kids. Boy 31 and girls 20 and 10. Yes I know 10 years or so apart lol. Kind of happened that way in my life. We also have fur babies. A tabby cat named Koba and a min pin named Techno. My kids and I all live together. We're not perfect but we're happy. Being a single parent has it's challenges but life is beautiful. I also became a Best Selling Author back in August 2020. My very first book "How To Find And Keep The Man Of Your Dreams"

I started this Blog to help others make money from home or on the road. By getting paid to Blog. I'll be showing you various way to make money.

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